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Un Homme amoureux (A Man in Love)

Original soundtrack from the sentimental drama directed by Diane Kurys

Release: 08-2002 •  ONLY ONE COPY AVAILABLE

The long awaited reissue on compact disc of an overlooked 1987 score by the most romantic of French film music composers, Georges Delerue.

4-page folder.

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01. Un Homme amoureux 1:52
09. Tango loupé 1:06
  02. Steve and Jane 4:26
10. Épilogue (Générique fin ) 4:32
  03. Le pont des jouissances 1:33
11. La mort de Pavèse 1:21
  04. Délicieuse attente 2:56
12. Amour en plein 1:34
  05. La rencontre 1:26
13. Are you going to leave me 1:22
  06. Solitude de Jane 1:05
14. Écran lunaire 2:40
  07. Bruno repart seul 1:09
15. Fin de soirée 4:36
  08. Hôtel Roma 1:09
TT 33:22

Andrew Keech - Music from the Movies, UK, No 35/36
Un Homme amoureux is a superb example of Georges Delerue mastery of the orchestra and is full of flair and romance. This is a score that will appeal to the romantics and those that appreciate Georges Delerue's distinctive style.

Robert Schulslaper - Fanfare, USA, May/June 2008, Issue 31:5
George Delerue is famous for his scores for Jules and Jim and Shoot the Piano Player. A prolific composer, he scored at least 320 films and television projects from 1950 to 1992. Un homme amoureux (A Man In Love ) benefits from his romantic inclinations, sometimes expressed in a somber mood, or with a poignant wistfulness that would melt the hardest heart. Strings predominate, but there are beautiful moments for flute, oboe, and string quartet that add sonorous and sensuous variety.


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