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DCM 150

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et autres musiques pour l'écran de Jérôme Coullet
DCM 150 • LIMITED EDITION 500 • UPC: 771028237982
Releaase Date: June 3rd, 2013

Eleven years after the release of À la folie…pas du tout (He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not), written and directed by Laetitia Colombani, and produced by Charles Gassot, its fabulous music soundtrack finally comes out!

As it is the case for many movies, À la folie…pas du tout got a second life thanks to its release on DVD. Especially the English-speaking audience was delighted to discover the subtitled version He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not. So much that this black comedy has become one of the best-loved performances of actress Audrey Tautou, the favorite remaining the title character of the film Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

In À la folie…pas du tout, Audrey Tautou plays a seemingly open and vulnerable lover. The falsely idyllic character of the story in its first half gives rise to a few light musical pieces which recall the exhilarating music by Yann Tiersen for Amélie. However, the score by Coullet soon highlights the obsessive nature of Angélique, a student in fine arts who is madly in love with a seductive cardiologist (Samuel Le Bihan). The main theme held on strings and piano reflects a romantic fervor and an entrancing dramatic mood. As the plot progresses and the viewer is confronted with the pathological nature of Angélique’s passion, this main theme gains a dark and tragic dimension.

From previous scores by Jérôme Coullet, we have selected his contributions for two movies directed by Laurent Bouhnik : an outstanding suite for strings from 1999 Madeleine and two vocal pieces from Select Hotel, which express in both an intense and an offbeat way the world of a group of dropouts. We complete our program with two compositions by Coullet for institutional short features, an alternative field of creation in which he has made a name. They show the same spirit of invention and the same concern for efficiency, qualities that are often lacking in recent French feature films. This limited edition of 500 copies licensed from TF1 has a 12-page color booklet.

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1999 MADELEINE (1999)
01 Générique de début 2:24 Écouter
Écouter 02 L'apparition / La révélation 2:01  
03 Le pique-nique 1:36  
  04 Nuit d'amour 1:33  
14 Libera me de intertrIgo 3:52
05 La comptine de M. Chat / Le journal télé 2:11  
Voix: Valérie Philippin
  06 Générique de milieu 1:11 Écouter
  07 Le cadeau / Le souvenir 1:52  
Voix: Valérie Philippin
08 La découverte / La perquisition 1:55  
  09 Suspicion et enquête 2:14  
  10 L'arrestation / La chute 1:57  
16 The Engine People 4:39
Écouter 11 La jalousie 1:39 Écouter
Écouter 12 Ô désespoir 2:15  
TT 49:08  


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