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DCM 155

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Music composed by Pierre Jansen
DCM 155 • LIMITED EDITION 500 • UPC: 771028238538
Release date: December 1st, 2013

A CD premiere from Disques Cinémusique for one of the finest scores by Pierre Jansen, a composer best known for his extensive collaboration with caustic director Claude Chabrol (The Butcher, This Man Must Die).

A faithful adaptation of a novel by Pascal Lainé, winner of France’s prestigious Goncourt Prize, 1977’s La Dentellière (The Lacemaker) tells in a gentle way the transient love affair between a modest trainee hairdresser and a self-centered student belonging to the petite bourgeoisie. Young Isabelle Huppert gives a flawless performance in the lead part, paving the way to one of the most successful careers as an actress in contemporary French cinema.

Director Claude Goretta was not sure about the music he wanted for his beautiful but slow paced movie. He had Schubert in mind but wanted something original and tailored made. Pierre Jansen (born in 1930), managed to deliver a rich and surprisingly diverse score. While remaining subdued in the sound mix of the movie, it can be fully appreciated on our carefully mastered album.

On the one hand, for the prevalent, dramatic part, The Lacemaker offers classical-style pieces performed by a traditional orchestra dominated by strings and woodwinds, highlighting flute, piano and guitar. On the other hand, there is popular source music typical of the seventies, with synthesizer, electric guitars, drums and vocals. These lighter pieces rival the best achievements of this kind of music from pop specialists in vogue at the time. Both genres are grouped into separate blocks. Once again Jansen shows us con brio that a genuine “serious” film composer must be extraordinarily eclectic.

Limited edition of 500 copies. Color insert with a 6-page booklet.

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  01 Générique 3:03 Écouter 09 Quand la forêt vivait encore 4:01
02 L’anniversaire 1:43   (Anne Magnola - Pierre Jansen)
Écouter 03 La découverte de la mer 1:47   interprété par Mireille Lorca
04 La baignade 0:56 Écouter 10 Marylène 3:03
  05 Jeux de plage 2:45   11 London tub station 3:03
Écouter 06 La dentellière 3:33 Écouter 12 Aube 5:14
07 La recherche 2:44    
Écouter 08 Épilogue 2:15   Total : 34:13


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