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Works for piano and various instruments

Minna Re Shin, piano
Olivier Thouin, violin 
Guillaume Saucier, cello
Fabrice Marandola, percussion

Photography : Véro Boncompagni
Release: 10-2008

A collection of duets for piano with violin, cello and percussion. All these precious classical works by Georges Delerue could not be found on disc. Their rendering by our four virtuosi will appeal to the most demanding music lovers. The Farewell Concerto  heard here is a two-part version of the symphonic score composed for the film  Diên Biên Phu, Delerue's very last assignment.  The recording took place at renowned Piccolo studios using a Steinway grand piano. 20-page color booklet. 



01  Antienne 1 for violin and piano 2:57

02  Farewell Concerto, for violin and piano 10:53


Aria & Final for cello and piano 9:01
03  Aria

04  Final


Movements for percussion and piano  12:02
05  Prélude

06  Divertissement

07  Danse

08  Incantation 
09  Stances for cello and piano 4:08


Sonata for violin and piano 15:19

10  Moderato 

11  Andante

12  Allegro marcato

TT 54:50

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