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DCM 104
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Music composed by Carolin Petit

Budapest Symphony Orchestra conducted by Bela Drahos

Original soundtracks from two TV films directed by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe in 2000 and in 2001

SANS FAMILLE: Pierre Richard, Jules Sitruk, Claude Jade, Bernard Fresson
MADAME DE: Carole Bouquet, Jean-Pierre Marielle
Release: 11-2002

Sans Famille is s the first appearance of veteran French actor Pierre Richard in television fiction production. Famous for his comic interpretations in features like Follow That Guy With One Blak Shoe in the 70's and 80's, Pierre Richard takes up here a more dramatic register in company of the young and irresistible Jules Sitruk, who has since found his way to the big screen. 6-page folder. 




01. Thème de Rémi 2:08

02. Les premiers pas dans la vie 3:28
03. La petite fille 2:14
04. Thème de Rémi (variations) 3:10
05. Vitalis et sa troupe 3:04
06. La mort du singe 3:01
07. La découverte de Paris 2:03

08. Dans l'antre de Garofoli 3:01

09. Les manoeuvres du Comte 3:40
10. Retrouvailles 2:19
11. Chez la mère Barberin 1:25
12. Poursuite 4:37
13. Thème de Rémi (générique fin) 2:13



14. Madame de... 2:34

15. Départ de Vittorio 0:56
16. Thème d'amour 4:01
17. Les valses de l'avant-guerre 2:47
18. Cache-cache 1:33
19. Comme à New York 2:47
20. Désespoir 3:16


 TT 55:10



Mikael Carlsson - Music from the Movies, UK, No 37
This, my first introduction to the music of Carolin Petit, made a pretty strong impression on me. This is beautifully orchestrated, melodic music in the rich French film music school, proudly carrying the heritage of Georges Delerue into the new millennium.

Robert Schulslaper - Fanfare, USA, May-June 2008, Issue 31:5
Carolin Petit’s music is tuneful, well orchestrated, and lacks the obvious historical predilection so apparent in Georges Delerue or Serge Franklin’s music. What he shares with them is immediacy, emotional conviction, and a natural flair for illustration, necessary attributes of a successful film composer.



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