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DCM 160
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Music by Philippe Sarde

Release date: February 15, 2015

Disques Cinémusique proudly presents the first release of the complete original soundtrack composed by Philippe Sarde for Hellé (1972), a less known movie by director Roger Vadim.

Hellé takes us to a village in the Haute-Savoie region, in early 1950s France. It is the setting of the difficult love story between a deaf-mute (Gwen Welles) and a young man of good family, Fabrice (Didier Haudepin), who is spending the summer in the area. This film can be considered as Vadim's most personal work and remained one of his favorites, according to his relatives.

The gentle main character and the countryside setting inspired Philippe Sarde to write a highly melodic theme that lends itself to many variations and instrumental combinations. Whether performed on flute and guitar, by Anne Lonnberg's solo voice, in an arrangement for piano and a small string section, or by a symphonic orchestra with a large choir, this melody seduces by its grace and fluidity. It is music of celestial accents, reminiscent of the angelic realm to which Hellé’s character is associated in the mind of the enamored Fabrice.

This limited edition of 500 copies, licensed by Gruppo Sugar and produced with the collaboration of Philippe Sarde, comes with an 8-page color booklet. 



01 HELLÉ - Générique début (2:12)

02 HELLÉ - Chant : Anne Lonnberg (1:57)

03 HELLÉ - Jazz en trois mouvements (2:27)

04 HELLÉ - Les retrouvailles (1:21)

05 HELLÉ - Ballade (1:11)

06 HELLÉ - La folie (2:04)

07 HELLÉ - Hellé et Fabrice (2:33)

08 HELLÉ- Hellé se maquille (1:29)

09 HELLÉ - La boîte de nuit (1:07)

10 HELLÉ - Le retour de Fabrice (3:02)

11 HELLÉ - La messe (3:17)

12 HELLÉ - Sur le pont (1:19)

13 HELLÉ - Résurrection (2:00)

14 HELLÉ - Jazz en deux mouvements (2:54)

15 HELLÉ - Finale avec choeur (5:51)


TT 35:06

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