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DCM 127
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Music composed and conducted by Georges Delerue

Release : February 15, 2011

Georges Delerue is making a comeback at Disques Cinémusique with the digital premiere of his music for the movie Guy de Maupassant, directed by Michel Drach in 1982. This release will be a surprise for many fans since no excerpt of the soundtrack LP has ever been reissued in its original form on any of the numerous compilations devoted to Delerue. 

Starring Claude Brasseur, Jean Carmet and Miou-Miou, Guy de Maupassant is based on the life of the famous French writer. The composer recreates the mood of 19th century Paris through a series of musical numbers that carry us from carefree social gatherings to the anguish of a declining career, undermined by disease.

To complete this 34 minutes recording, we include flute and guitar arrangements of themes composed by Georges Delerue for other French movies, as well as an extended orchestral version of Fanny's Theme from Guy de Maupassant. These five tracks where originally featured on two previous DCM releases. 12-page booklet.


01 Établissement thermal 2:05
02 Générique 1:43
03 Petite musique1:10

04  Thème de Fanny 1:43

05  Polka 3:03

06  Valse Grenouillère 3:40

07 Valse dame en gris 2:30
08 Piano thème polka 3:25
09 Arrivée de Gisèle dans l’orgie 1:27

10  Quatuor de la comtesse 4:41

11 Polka grenouillère 0:52

12  Polka du final 2:07

13 Valse du final 2:02

14  Thème de Gisèle final 2:16


Pieces for flute and guitar

performed by Patrick Healey and isabelle Héroux 

15 Ballade romantique 1:48
16 Thème de Sybille - extrait de Thibaud 2:06
17 Brouillard - extrait de Jules et Jim 2:48
18 Alexandrine - extrait de Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine 2:10

19  Luigi - excerpt from Chère Louise 2:49 


Version for flute and oboe by Patrick Healey 
and Hélène Déry with the En-le-vent et compagnie Ensemble 


20 Thème de Fanny - excerpt from Guy de Maupassant 3:22 


TT 47:58

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