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DCM 102
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Music composed and conducted by Georges Delerue

Release: 08-2002

Original soundtrack from the sentimental drama directed by Diane Kurys. The long awaited reissue on compact disc of an overlooked 1987 score by the most romantic of French film music composers, Georges Delerue.  4-page folder booklet.


01. Un Homme amoureux  1:52

02. Steve and Jane  4:26

03. Le pont des jouissances  1:33

04. Délicieuse attente  2:56

05. La rencontre  1:26

06. Solitude de Jane  1:05

07. Bruno repart seul  1:09

08. Hôtel Roma  1:09

09. Tango loupé  1:06

10. Épilogue (Générique fin )  4:32

11. La mort de Pavèse  1:21

12. Amour en plein  1:34

13. Are you going to leave me  1:22

14. Écran lunaire  2:40

15. Fin de soirée  4:36


TT  33:22


Andrew Keech - Music from the Movies, UK, No 35/36
Un Homme amoureux is a superb example of Georges Delerue mastery of the orchestra and is full of flair and romance. This is a score that will appeal to the romantics and those that appreciate Georges Delerue's distinctive style.

Robert Schulslaper - Fanfare, USA, May/June 2008, Issue 31:5
George Delerue is famous for his scores for Jules and Jim and Shoot the Piano Player. A prolific composer, he scored at least 320 films and television projects from 1950 to 1992. Un homme amoureux (A Man In Love ) benefits from his romantic inclinations, sometimes expressed in a somber mood, or with a poignant wistfulness that would melt the hardest heart. Strings predominate, but there are beautiful moments for flute, oboe, and string quartet that add sonorous and sensuous variety.


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