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DCM 108
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Music composed and conducted by Georges Delerue

Original soundtrack from the 1988 drama directed by Philippe de Broca
Release: 05-2008

Chouans! offers a tormented love story played out against the backdrop of the French Revolution. Consistent in style with director Philippe de Broca's usual output, we also enjoy some flights of fantasy, thanks to the whimsical inventions of the Count of Kerfadec, played by Philippe Noiret. The dramatic score by Georges Delerue remains close to his trademarked melodic, warm style. 6-page folder.


01. Chouans! (générique) 1:43
02. Les Naissances 2:25
03. L'envol de la montgolfière 1:20
04. Va vers la joie 1:28
05. La Fête au château 1:44
06. Menuet 1:53
07. Pavane 1:26
08. Les chouans devant le château 4:58
09. Aurèle et Céline 1:26
10. La Séparation 1:34
11. Lanterne magique 1:07
12. Le Village incendié 1:42

13. Thème des chouans 2:21
14. L'adieu à Viviane 1:53
15. Le Départ de Tarquin 2:33
16. Laisse-moi rêver 1:11
17. L'armée Risling 1:06
18. L'envol 2:08
19. L'avenir de Céline 6:29
20. La Lettre perdue 2:32
21. La Mort de Viviane 2:19
22. La Bataille 1:48
23. Après la bataille dans la nuit 1:24
24. Chouans! (générique fin) 3:04


 TT 52:22 


Andrew Keech - Music from the Movies, UK, No 39
Chouans! is a wonderful example of Georges Del erue's work and demonstrates his mastery of melody and passion. Obvious there are some Gallic references, but on the whole the wonderful variety of themes and moods have an intriguing Baroque majesty combined with splendid orchestral music. A score that will be enjoyed by those who like their scores with an historical, eighteenth century feel.

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