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DCM 157
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Original music and lyrics by Germinal Tenas
Arrangements by Gilles Tinayre
Symphony orchestra and chorus conducted by Harry Rabinowitz

Release date: March 1st, 2014


A successful producer, Christian Fechner wanted to please himself bydirecting an epic movie which went beyond the usual standards of French cinema. Released in 1993, Justinien Trouvé or God’s Bastard, co-written with historian Michel Folco, recounts the misadventures of an abandoned child at the end of the 17th century in France, under the reign of Louis XIV. Afflicted by a terrible mutilation, wrongly accused of a crime, Justinien will be forced to become an executioner to avoid the galleys. 

God’s Bastard successfully falls within the tradition of swashbuckling film-making while sometimes taking the allure of a philosophical tale. Despite its unusual length (160 minutes) and the absence of big name stars, the movie should have attracted a large audience. It was not the case because of a lack of advertising and unfavorable press coverage. Many critics welcomed the work of Fechner as a manifestation of pretentious megalomania. 
Today, thanks to the Internet, Justinien has come out of the shadows, much like Germinal Tenas’ music, which we present here in a newly remastered version. Among the performers, one can notice many renowned soloists in the field of traditional European music, while the symphonic parts were recorded at CTS Studios in England, with the participation of 80 musicians and 60 choristers. 
The success of this unusual score, which draws on sources from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with an electronic sounds contribution, is obviously due to the talent of the composer and his arranger, but it also reflects Germinal Tenas’ other personal qualities. This man was able to communicate his passion and enthusiasm to his numerous collaborators. Musicians, singers and conductor as well as technicians; everybody seems to have delivered the best of themselves to make this soundtrack a true masterpiece.
The lavish 20-page color booklet has liner notes in French and English. This de luxe 350 copies limited edition is licensed by Studiocanal.


01. La complainte de Justinien / Justinien’s lament (2:11)
02. Miserere Nobis - Le charnier / The mass grave (3:46)
03. Nez en bois / Wooden nose (1:00)
04. L'entraînement / The training (1:38) 
05. Les histoires de Coutouly / Coutouly’s stories (2:35)
06. La tristesse de Justinien / Justinien’s sadness (1:39)
07. Le grand vigilant / The great watchman (3:14)
08. La séparation / The parting (2:54)
09. Révolte à Racleterre / Rebellion in Racleterre (2:50)
10. La trahision de Mouchette / Mouchette’s betrayal (1:32)
11. Fide et Obsequio - / L'évasion The escape (3:03)
12. Mouchette, la saltimbanque / Mouchette, the performer (3:35)
13. All'Arie All'Arie • composé par Giovanna Salviucci Marini (2:22)
14. Vers le mont sacré / Toward the sacred mountain (2:56)
15. La présentation au baron / Introduction to the baron (2:03)
16. Le lever du jour / The dawn (2:19)
17. Les galériens / The galley slaves (2:31)
18. Atencion Vilatons - Droit de havage / The levy duties (1:37)
19. Fide et Obsequio - La poursuite / The pursuit (2:03)
20. Souvenirs mauresques / Moorish memories (1:49)
21. La naissance / The birth (3:48)
22. Jour de fête / Feast day (1:16)
23. La dernière vérité / The last truth (1:41)
24. Les pendaisons / The hangings (2:51)
25. La chapelle / The chapel (3:27)
26. Gloria Alleluia - L’anoblissement / The ennoblement (4:02)


TT 64:56

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