Disques Cinémusique is holding a two-for-one clearance sale of its remaining Compact Discs !


Any one CD order placed online through our website allows you to get for free another disc at equal or lower price. There is no additional cost, our prices include delivery charge by air mail and sale taxes for Canadians.


All you need to do is email us the title(s) of the additional compact discs of your choice with your name. You will receive a shipping confirmation of your complete order. We ship a maximum of four CD per package to avoid you custom fees.


Any order for one disc only without mention of a second title will be canceled and refund after 48 hours.


This sale is in force until the end of September 2020.

After which it will no longer be possible to buy CDs directly from our site.

You can use this converter to know the price in your currency, using the exchange rate of the day.

Glanzberg - Lafond
Bourtayre - Lafond
Le Grand Meaulnes_cover
André Hossein
Delerue - Lafond
DCM360_Bestiaire d'amour-cover
Maurice Jaubert
DCM360_Concert Maurice Jaubert-cover
Georges Garvarentz
DCM163_Le rat d'Amerique
Peter Chase
Germinal Tenas
Jorge Arriagada
Jorge Arriagada
DCM151_Musiques pour les films de Philippe Le Guay-coverR
Georges Granier
Victor Young
DCM142_Rio Grande
Miklos Rozsa
Victor Young
DCM136_Run of the Arrow
Alessandro Cicognini
Maurice Jarre
DCM131_Musiques inédites du cinéma français
Raymond Alessandrini
DCM128-129_Musiques pour l'écran
DCM122_25 ans de cinéma français
Jean Prodromidès
DCM121_La comedie selon
Jean Prodromidès
DCM118_Le voyage en ballon
Georges Delerue
DCM117_Musiques de Delerue pour Clayton
Georges Delerue
Lewis Furey
DCM112_Night Magic
Pierre F Brault
DCM111_Musiques pour les films de Gilles Carle
Maurice Jaubert
DCM110_Delerue dirige Jaubert
Carolin Petit
DCM104_Sans Famille
Maurice Jaubert
CL206_Suite française, Intermède,etc
Georges Delerue
CL205_Oeuvres instrumentales
Georges Delerue
CL205_Les plus beaux thèmes pour la flute et le hautbois
Georges Delerue
CL203_Les plus beaux thèmes pour le piano
Georges Delerue
CL202_Oeuvres pour guitare et flute
Georges Delerue
CL201_Deux quatuors à cordes
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