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Launched in 1994, Disques Cinémusique has been a mail order outlet for soundtracks on compact disc until 2000, when the company reoriented its efforts to the restoration and transfer of analog recordings to the digital medium. In July 2002, we started producing film music CDs on the Disques Cinémusique label.

Disques Cinémusique has released so far 64
 CDs. This output is relatively small but it constitutes quite an achievement in a country like Canada, which unfortunately has little to offer in terms of original soundtracks. Film production and, consequently, the market for film music are mainly in the United States, Europe and Japan.


We have notably produced our own re-recordings and restored older ones that were in the public domain. We have worked hard to provide quality products which match or exceed those of competitors, who benefit from greater resources and closer access to film production and publishers. In such a competitive market, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to continue to play a useful role. Consequently, we have decided in 2015 to focus mainly on producing music for digital download and streaming. This is the direction the market is going and we are fortunate to have early access to effective digital distribution.

The proliferation of portable devices greatly facilitates listening, and the sound quality of audio files offered online can rival that of the CD on most music platforms. 

Almost all the Disques Cinémusique CD catalog is available in digital format on most commercial download and stream platforms. A much larger number of other soundtra
cks, mainly compilations, are released in digital form only. We can make available recordings previously released only on 33 or 45 rpm record and whose reissue on physical support would be too risky financially. We offer new versions of public domain works when we can improve them significantly. 


Disques Cinémusique
Contact : Clément Fontaine

2155, rue des Roitelets

Saguenay, Qc  G7H -0B6


GST : 13836 4898 RT0001 • QST : 1016819081

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