Corinne Marchand (born in December 1931) became known as an actress with the raising of the French New Wave, while pursuing a discreet singing career. Her first international success, Cléo de 5 à 7, gave her the opportunity to perform fine songs by Michel Legrand, who played the role of her pianist in the film.


Corinne Marchand subsequently recorded four maxi singles. L’adieu (The Farewell), released in 1964, contains quality compositions and orchestral accompaniment by Léo Petit and François Rauber. The four songs highlight the actress' particular voice in various registers, from tenderness to disillusioned humour.


Another outstanding single by Corinne Marchand offers two songs composed by Georges Delerue for the TV series Une autre vie, broadcast in 1971. Fans of the composer and the singer-actress are still waiting for its reissue in digital form. In 2007, Disques Cinémusique has released an instrumental version of the main title song Une autre vie on the album The most beautiful piano themes by Georges Delerue.

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The wonderful spiritual songs of JULIE AREL

Singer Julie Arel became known in the 1970s in Quebec with several hits composed notably by Diane Juster, Michel Conte and Christian St-Roch. She recorded four LP albums, twenty-one singles, and gave recitals in prestigious concert halls, in addition to performing at foreign song festivals. With a powerful and clear voice with an extended range, Julie Arel seemed promised a brilliant career of international stature.

Still, the young woman was not really happy. Dissatisfied with the treatment the record companies gave her, disappointed by the stereotypical character of the repertoire in which she seemed to captive, she also experienced major difficulties in her personal life. Thanks to new encounters in the field of evangelization, Julie Arel converted to Bible teaching and decided to make her a spokesperson in songs. In 1984, she made a professional comeback with an album of original compositions proclaiming her faith: Des ténèbres à la lumière (From Darkness to Light).

Faced with the indifference of the media, Julie Arel turned towards a more receptive audience to the Gospel message, outside the usual circuit of showbiz. An unknown environment for the  majority of her admirers. She has written many spiritual songs, words and music, which were performed in her recitals across Canada and even the United States, from the mid-1980s until 2000. A hundred were recorded but not distributed commercially.

The two remastered albums that we propose include Julie Arel's compositions, in English and in French, which should please to all music lovers, whether believers or not. The electronic keyboards accompaniment is dated but the message conveyed remains timeless and universal in scope. The melodies are inspired by traditional gospel, New Age and various styles of popular music, sometimes with operatic accents. All of them highlight the outstanding voice of the singer-songwriter. After having sung human love so well Julie Arel surpassed herself by celebrating Divine love.

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